Ad Campaign measurement and audit

Together with comScore TS Digital Nordic is offering measurement and audit of Ad Campaigns through validated Campaign Essentials (vCE)

In today’s ad environment publishers need to show their strengths. In an ad environment where a lot of ads don’t have its intended impact, TS Digital Nordic give publishers opportunity to show the quality of their visitors.

With vCE TS Digital Nordic brings a tool to evaluate Ad Campaign Delivery and at the same time deliver a TS Digital Nordic stamp of trust and transparency. By being able to offer measurement and audit of Viewability, Fraud and Brand Safety on a per campaign basis we give publishers the possibility to show the strength of their brands. All publishers participating in the measurement and audit programme have the possibility to be whitelisted on the TS Digital Nordics website.

The Audit Report

For every ad campaign measurement TS Digital Nordics produces an audit report. An example is avaible here.

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vCE is based on two core modules. In the Ad Validation Module, vCE tells us which impressions were delivered in-view, in the right geography, in brand-safe environments, and the extent to which they were subjected to invalid traffic. Simultaneously in the Audience module (that will be launched shortly), comScore’s global 2 million-person panel in conjunction with partner demo data is used to validate audience delivery. This delivers highly accurate audience delivery data, including unique users, a Human GRP, and various household characteristics including household income, size and presence of children.

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Whitelist and Audit

Evaluating ad Campaigns deepens the knowledge about your visitors and to which extent the Ads on your site have the Intended impact. But as TS Digital Nordic strives to bring trust and transparency to the market publishers participating in the programme will also get whitelisted by TS Digital Nordic.


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